Saturday, May 10, 2014

To Brielle

Sweet Brielle~

Today I was given a tender mercy, a special moment from Heavenly Father. This world is majestic. His creations are amazing. I was at Utah Lake just watching the sky as the sun set. The sky and mountains were heavenly, it was a perfect moment. Then, I looked down and in my arms was something even more perfect and beautiful, another of God's creations. But not only His creation, you are his daughter, a daughter of God, a daughter of a king. You are divine and so loved.

I look at you, so perfect, so clean and fresh and beautiful. Then I think of this world, so beautiful but also full of corruption and evil and temptation and sadness. I wish you didn't have to ever experience that part of this world. I wish I could hide it from you and protect you. But I guess that is part of your test. You are a special spirit and I know you will remember your divine nature and learn to follow light and goodness. Let the Holy Ghost guide you through the maze of this fallen world.

You are divine but you will tempted and you will make mistakes. Let Jesus Christ lift you and carry you until you can stand on your own again. Don't lose sight of eternity, of who you are and where you are from. You are a princess visiting a fallen world. You are here to learn who you are and then to prove that you will be obedient to your Father. You are here to help your brothers and sisters to remember who they are as well so they're not lost. You are going to do wonderful things. You are so special. I am so blessed to be your Earthly mother. I love you, Brielle. :-)

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